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Welcome to Core Covers

We are a state-of-the-art spa cover manufacturing company. We utilize the best technology available to manufacture and manage fulfilment for our valued customers. We have a vast and diverse experienced serving OEMs, distributors and national retailers.

Our administration departments are located in Southern California. Core's cutting edge 50,000+ square foot manufacturing facility is located in Tijuana, México.

At our Core

We at Core appreciate your interest in our company and we are committed to provide you with the best possible spa cover value.

In addition to our goal of becoming the world's best spa cover company, we created Core as our answer to the question:

Our Customers

What happens when we build a company
around the values that are most important to us?

In the process of answering such question, we discovered that we all shared the same ethical principles:

  • We live by the golden rule.
  • We believe that work is a place where people should be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Our employees and customers values and feelings matter to us.
  • Our work does not compromise the importance of our families.
  • Our business supports our community.
  • We value safety and respect for the environment.
  • Oh, and we like to have fun too!!

We guess you could say we Want it all and that we are trying to attain the impossible but that's OK with us. We understand that as imperfect humans, we can't attain anything like perfect, but our aim is to do everything that we can to live by what is more important to us. Our hope is that in doing so, your experience with Core is a reflection of our commitment to our values.